Our Philosophy

ROCKET RENTALS offers comprehensive, high-quality consultancy, development and support services in the field of software engineering. Many years of project experience enable us to provide our clients with proven concepts and solutions, and to smoothly integrate these into existing processes or project structures.

The big picture

Sustainability and a comprehensive approach are crucial aspects of our philosophy as a service provider. For every service we perform, we take a holistic view of our clients' IT infrastructure and business processes. Our solutions are conceived and implemented in a way so they can be deployed, easily maintained and extended, in order to build lasting market success for our clients.

First-class technology

Specialized on the development of high-performance and robust web applications, the team of ROCKET RENTALS has always trusted in modern technologies such as Enterprise Ruby on Rails, Microsoft .NET, Java EE, XML, JavaScript/Ajax, XHTML, CSS and MySQL. Any project is realized satisfying the highest standards of performance, security and privacy.

As full-service provider, our commitment goes beyond the implementation of the project. If desired, we run and maintain our clients' applications in Shared, Dedicated or Cloud Hosting scenarios.

Be practical as well as generous in your ideals. Keep your eyes on the stars but remember to keep your feet on the ground.

Theodore Roosevelt